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Join Our Team

Our part-time staff is essential to ensuring all of our events are successful. From high-energy concerts to festivals to private events, the amphitheater hosts a variety of events and depend on our enthusiastic, dedicated part-time staff to ensure a positive guest experience.

We are proud to offer our team members competitive pay and a flexible schedule. Capital Region MU Health Care Amphitheater will host events annually between May and November – most events taking place during evenings and on weekends. Availability must include Friday and Saturday nights for all positions. Many of our team members work a traditional 9-5 job and join us after hours for extra cash.

Retirees also enjoy working our events as a way to make new friends and stay active within their community. With a variety of positions available, there is something for everyone.

(Seasonal) part-time positions available in the following departments:

Event Staff

  • Includes ticket takers, ushers, parking attendants, and security roles
  • Responsibilities include assisting patrons, scanning tickets, checking bags, using hand-held metal detector, crowd management, directing traffic to available parking
  • Post show responsibilities include lawn and pavilion garbage collection, patrolling of parking areas for safety of our guests, manage traffic during egress
  • Duties will rotate based on event needs.
  • Monitor exit doors to prevent persons without tickets from entering the facilities.
  • Work closely with other event staff, police, and EMTs to ensure the safety of patrons.

Concession Staff

  • Responsibilities include taking orders, customer service, concession sales, serving non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, and calculating correct change.
  • All alcoholic beverage servers will be required to achieve certification through the SMART training program (State of Missouri Alcohol Responsibility Training). This is a free, online class that will educate you on recognition of fake IDs, acceptable forms of ID, prevention of service to minors, laws and liability concerns related to selling to underage or intoxicated customers.


  • Experience in show load-in, set up, and load-out preferred. Spotlight operation experience a plus.
  • Set up touring show equipment under the direction of the tour production crew and VenuWorks technical director.
  • Hours will begin as early as 7:00 a.m. with a break in the afternoon and return to work in the evening.

General Operations

  • Pre-show set up of tents, tables, chairs as needed.
  • Event housekeeping – quick clean-up, restocking.
  • Post show tear down, put away all tents, tables, chairs and assist with lawn and pavilion pick up.
  • Must be available from late afternoon until after show ends.

Ticket Seller

  • Available from late afternoon until show time for most events.
  • Responsibilities include selling tickets, handling cash/credit cards, balancing sales/income, answering phone calls, directing patrons.


  • Available nights, weekends, and occasional holidays
  • Performs the Load-in, changeover/show-call and load-out of band and rental equipment.
  • Uses proper safety protocols with all related aspects to concert production including rigging and loading.
  • Assist audio, lighting, and video crew members with placements, builds and cabling.
  • Responsible for hanging show backdrops, building stage risers, barricade placement.
  • Perform routine maintenance on stage, audio, lighting, barricade, and rigging equipment as needed.
  • Maintain curtains, drapes, risers, and other staging items.
  • Assist audio crew with stands, microphones, cables, etc.
  • Assist lighting crew with fixtures, lambs, cabling, ladders, etc.
  • Assist Special Effects crew with any necessary operational needs.
  • Assist with any Special Events operations.
  • Setup and operate spotlights if necessary.

Event Security

  • Available nights, weekends, and occasional holidays
  • Perform visual review of patrons to ensure no contraband items are allowed onsite.
  • Provide directions to various areas of the facilities.
  • Monitor exit doors to prevent persons without tickets from entering facilities.
  • Keep all aisles clear allowing for constant movement by patrons.
  • Ability to work closely with other event staff, police, and EMTs to ensure the safety of patrons.
  • Assist patrons to emergency exits in case of evacuation.
  • Communicate housekeeping and potential hazards to operations staff.
  • Complete incident reports and other administrative paperwork.
  • Assist in removing persons from the crowd in the case of overheating.
  • Protects facility, performers, customers, and stage from vandalism or abuse.
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